Primary Source Spotlight: Fugitive Slave Law

Practical illustration of the Fugitive Slave Law
Practical illustration of the Fugitive Slave Law

Effects of the Fugitive-Slave-Law


Fugitive slave law political cartoons

Fugitive slave bill … Approved, September 18, 1850. Millard Fillmore

Things to be remembered. Remember that the Whig administration of Millard Fillmore enacted the Fugitive Slave bill, in violation of the constitution and all the legal safeguards of personal liberty

Fugitive Slave Law, Senate Congressional Globe documents

Fugitive Slave Law, House of Representatives Congressional Globe documents

Fugitive Slave Law transcript from The Avalon Project, Yale Law School

Argument of H.S. Fitch, Esq. … on the trial of John Hossack, indicted for rescuing a fugitive slave from the United States deputy marshal, at Ottawa, Ill., Oct. 20, 1859; delivered in the U. S. District Court in the Northern District of Illinois, March 4, 1860

Objections to the Act of 1850 Reviewed” from Documentary history of slavery in the United States: By a native of Maryland 1851

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Fugitive slave law: Illinois historic newspaper coverage, 1836-1866

Freedom on the Move: a database of fugitives from American Slavery

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Primary Source Spotlight: Slavery (U.S.)

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