November 14, 2018

World Spotlight: New Zealand

Places in the News: New ZealandApril 2009 September 2010 February 2011 September 2011 July 2013New Zealand country profile BBCNew Zealand timeline BBCNew Zealand primary source set World Digital LibraryNew Zealand mapsNew Zealand image setBooks & reports about New ZealandHistorical newspaper coverage of New ZealandU.S. veteran oral history collections (service in New Zealand)Oral history transcripts mentioning New Zealand from the Foreign … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Israel

Places in the News: IsraelJanuary 2006 July 2006 May 2008 May 2011 Lebanon / Israel : February 2005 Lebanon / Israel : August 2006 Syria/Israel: January 2000 Syria/Israel: October 2000Israel country studyIsrael country profile BBCIsrael timeline BBCIsrael primary source set World Digital LibraryIsrael mapsThe children of IsraelEgypt Israel peace treatyIsrael image setIsrael sheet musicIsrael song recordingsU.S. veteran oral … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Gambia

Gambia primary source set World Digital LibraryGambia country profile BBCGambia timeline BBCThe Gambia mapBooks & reports about GambiaWebcasts related to GambiaOral histories mentioning Gambia from the Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and TrainingHistorical newspaper coverage of Gambia (through 1922)U.S. legislation related to GambiaGuide to Law Online: Gambia … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Australia

Places in the News: AustraliaFebruary 2009 March 2010 April 2010 December 2010 Tasmania, Australia January 2013Australia country profile BBCAustralia timeline BBCAustralia primary source set World Digital LibraryAustralia mapsAustralia image setAustralia sheet musicBooks & reports about AustraliaWebcasts related to AustraliaAn evening of Australian poetry Vincent Buckley, David Malouf, and Les A. Murray reading their poemsU.S. veteran … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Syria

Syria country studySyria country profile BBCSyria country profileSyria timeline BBCPlaces in the News: SyriaSyria primary source set World Digital LibrarySyria mapsSyria image setBooks & reports about SyriaReport of the Syrian and Palestinian Relief Fund Sewing Rooms and Christian Herald Relief Fund Lace IndustryWebcasts related to SyriaSyrian dance song recordingsOriental Hymn Tunes: Egyptian and SyrianU.S. veteran oral histories (service … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Germany

Germany: country profileGermany country studyEast Germany country study"Revisiting the German Democratic Republic" Library of Congress Magazine July/August 2014, pp. 8-9Germany primary source set World Digital LibraryGermany mapsGermany image setBooks & other texts about Germany & Germans 1900-1939German language newspaper published in American through 1922Germany mentions in the Foreign Affairs Oral History CollectionTrial of the Major War … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Iran

Iran country studyIran country profileIran country profile BBCIran timeline BBCPlaces in the News: IranIran primary source set World Digital LibraryIran mapsIran image setPersia image setFeatured Image: The Book of KingsBooks & articles about IranFilms & webcasts related to IranPersia; Concert polka (sheet music)U.S. veteran oral histories (service in Iran, mainly World War II)Oral histories mentioning Iran from the Foreign Affairs … [Read more...]

Today in History: Japan

Today in History–July 29–the Library of Congress features the country of Japan. On this date in 1858, the United States and Japan signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce (the Harris Treaty), which helped establish diplomatic ties between the two countries. Find out more about early U.S.-Japanese relations and Townsend Harris, the man who negotiated the treaty, by visiting the Today in History section. Then, follow the links below to access more resources and primary sources related to this … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: The Bahamas

Country Study: Commonwealth of Caribbean Islands, including The BahamasBahamas primary source set, World Digital LibraryBahamas mapsBooks about The BahamasBahamas songs (audio recordings)Bahamas historic newspaper coverageBahamas images from American MemoryMore Bahamas imagesU.S. legislation related to BahamasGuide to Law Online: BahamasComparing Independence Movements in the Americas WebcastMore World History & Culture Resources … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Mexico

Mexico country profileMexico country studyThe Mexican Revolution and the United States 1910-1920 online exhibitionMexican primary sources from the World Digital LibraryMexico mapsMexico images from American MemoryMore Mexico imagesMexico films & webcastsMexico songs (audio recordings)Mexico sheet musicMexico books & documentsSelect newspaper articles: Mexican Revolution (1910-1920)More U.S. historical newspaper coverage of Mexico … [Read more...]