September 28, 2022

Tech Tool: Interactive Thinking Triangle

We have had lots of teachers use the primary source thinking triangle with great success, so when Montana teacher librarian Ruth Ferris asked if we had an interactive version of this graphic organizer we knew it was time to create one. While it's not high-tech, Ferris said it will help her model the process of completing the the thinking triangle. We have created versions in Google Docs and Microsoft PowerPoint®. If you haven't yet used the primary source thinking triangle, learn how to use … [Read more...]

Analyzing Primary Sources: Primary Source Thinking Triangle Activity

Educational consultant and author Dr. Bertie Kingore has some great ideas for teaching. TPS-Barat adapted her thinking triangle for use with primary source image analysis. This activity requires students to use higher level thinking skills as they interact with a primary source image. The thinking triangle also gives students practice in the visual equivalent of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) reading anchor standard 2. When implementing this activity, you may choose to use a single image … [Read more...]