November 20, 2022

Guided Primary Source Analysis: Hello, Earth! Hello!

Click the newspaper above to zoom in and read the article. Make a chart that lists the name of each scientist or inventor mentioned in the article, whether the expert was quoted directly or indirectly, and the expert's view of the possibility of communication with other planets. Find out more information about the publisher of this newspaper, then review the Analyzing Newspaper Articles post. Do you think this article is accurate and reliable? Why or why not? Compare and contrast this … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Nikola Tesla

Topics in Chronicling America - Nikola Tesla timeline & select newspaper articles More Nikola Tesla historical newspaper coverage Featured Source: Tesla’s 1922 Future Tech Predictions guided primary source analysis activity Messages to and from Outer Space Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond Poems of Personality "Tesla" Another Tesla portrait Tesla Memorial Society of New York Tesla: Master of Lightning from PBS … [Read more...]

Guided Primary Source Analysis: Tesla’s 1922 Future Tech Predictions

Access this newspaper page online and zoom into the cartoon, what inventions are referenced in the comic? Now read the article. Are the same inventions referenced in the text? What other inventions does the article discuss? List the inventions discussed in the article that are a reality today. Compare and contrast one of the predicted inventions with its modern day counterpart. What are the similarities and differences? Think about the technology we are developing today. Describe a product … [Read more...]