January 22, 2023

Guided Primary Source Analysis: States & Territories in Population

Review the complete document: "Statistical atlas of the United States, based upon the results of the eleventh census" H/T to educator extraordinaire, Cheryl Davis, aka @digitalteacher Which state had the biggest population growth according to this chart? Which region (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest) had the biggest population gains during these 100 years? What other trend(s) can you identify from this chart? What other observations, reflections or questions do … [Read more...]

Primary Source Learning: State Connections

The Library of Congress has compiled individual primary source sets for every state in the country (as well as a set related to U.S. territories) and this week the Teaching with the Library of Congress blog provides teaching ideas for using this rich set of resources. Be sure to check out the primary source collections below as well. Alabama Indiana Nebraska Rhode Island Alaska Iowa Nevada South Carolina Arizona Kansas New Hampshire South … [Read more...]