November 17, 2018

Today in History: Alaska

Today in History–November 20–the Library of Congress features the Alaska Highway, opened on this date in 1942. Originally known as the Alcan Highway, this 1,500-miles-long roadway connected Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Fairbanks, Alaska. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access more information and primary sources related to the great state of Alaska.Alaska stories from America's LibraryAlaska primary source setAlaska … [Read more...]

Learning from the Source: Geographical conversation cards

Use these geographical conversation cards to learn about the geographical history of the United States as well as learn state facts.Lesson prep1. Print out and cut up state cards and the Question and Answer cards.2. Separate these into 5  groups of state cards and their accompanying Q&A cards. Because there are missing cards (AR, KY, NC, NJ, OH), some groups will be missing Q&A cards; be sure that each group has at least one state card with missing Q&A cards.3. … [Read more...]

State Spotlight: Georgia, USA

Georgia stories from America’s LibraryGeorgia primary source setGeorgia mapsGeorgia: select imagesMore Georgia imagesGeorgia sheet musicGeorgia songs & oral historiesGeorgia WPA life historiesGeorgia books & other textsGeorgia historical newspapersGeorgia legislationGeorgia Guide to Law OnlineCity Spotlight: Columbus, GeorgiaMore U.S. state primary source collections … [Read more...]

State Spotlight: South Carolina

South Carolina stories from America’s LibrarySouth Carolina primary source setSouth Carolina mapsSouth Carolina books & articlesSouth Carolina historical newspapersSouth Carolina sheet musicSouth Carolina oral histories, songs & dialect recordingsSouth Carolina WPA life historiesSouth Carolina imagesSouth Carolina legislationSouth Carolina Guide to Law OnlinePrimary Election Laws: South Carolina In Custodia Legis blog February 22, 2016Today … [Read more...]

State Spotlight: New Hampshire

New Hampshire stories from America’s LibraryNew Hampshire primary source setNew Hampshire mapsNew Hampshire books & articlesCorrespondence related to New HampshireNew Hampshire oral histories & songsNew Hampshire sheet musicNew Hampshire filmsPictorial Americana: Selected images of New HampshireNew Hampshire images from American MemoryMore New Hampshire imagesNew Hampshire legislationNew Hampshire Guide to Law OnlineToday in History: … [Read more...]

Today in History: Tennessee Secedes

Today in History–June 8–the Library of Congress features Tennessee, which voted in favor of secession by two-to-one on this date in 1861. Tennessee resident and future president Andrew Johnson broke with his party over this issue. Find out more about about this era by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access thousands of Tennessee state primary sources from the Library.Tennessee stories from America's LibraryPlaces in Civil War History: Tennessee … [Read more...]

Today in History: Montana

Today in History–May 26–the Library of Congress features Montana, which first became a territory on this date in 1864 approximately four years after gold was discovered. Twenty-five years later, in 1889, Montana became the forty-first state. Numerous Native American tribes called Montana home and many still do. Learn more about big sky country by visiting the Today in History section, then follow the links below to access more primary source treasures related to this mountainous … [Read more...]

State Spotlight: California

California stories from America’s LibraryCalifornia primary source setCurated collectionsCalifornia maps Pictorial Americana: selected images of California California images from American Memory More California images California books & articles California correspondence, reports, printed ephemera & other texts California historic newspapers California sheet music California songs and oral histories California legislation California Guide to Law … [Read more...]

State Spotlight: Ohio

Ohio stories from America's LibraryOhio primary source setOhio mapsOhio images from American MemoryMore Ohio imagesOhio filmsOhio books & articlesOhio reports, correspondence & other textsOhio historical newspaper collectionOhio sheet musicOhio songs & oral histories (audio recordings)Ohio legislationOhio Guide to Law OnlineFirst American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820The African-American Experience in OhioCaptain … [Read more...]

State Spotlight: Massachusetts

Massachusetts stories from America’s LibraryMassachusetts primary source setMassachusetts mapsPictorial Americana: Selected images of MassachusettsMore Massachusetts imagesFeatured Image: Massachusetts Did ItPhotographs of the sea floor of western Massachusetts Bay July 1999Massachusetts historic filmsMassachusetts oral historiesMassachusetts song recordingsWhaling song Young JohhnyMassachusetts sheet music & song sheetsMassachusetts books … [Read more...]