September 8, 2022

Primary Source Learning: Expansion & Reform Primary Source Set

Have students use the primary sources in this set to tell a story about the period 1815-1860, when the United States expanded dramatically geographically, displacing native peoples. But this time was also one of striving for social reforms (promoting temperance, creating public school systems, improving the treatment of prisoners, the insane, and the poor, abolishing slavery, and gaining equal rights for women). The story may focus on one aspect of this time period or both and may be in digital … [Read more...]

Today in History: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today in History–May 25–the Library of Congress features the philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, born on this day in 1803. A leader in the transcendentalist movement, Emerson embraced forward-looking social reforms including abolition, temperance, and woman suffrage. Learn more about this writer and poet by visiting the Today in History section, then follow the links below to access related resources. Books & articles by Ralph Waldo Emerson Books & articles about Ralph Waldo … [Read more...]