December 14, 2018

Featured Source: El Paso Herald August 12, 1914

Zoom into this newspaper (online | .pdf).What is the most important topic on this page? What details support your conclusion?There is a question in the newspaper's nameplate, or top, section. What is the question and what do you think is the answer to the question? What details support your answer?Use clues from the news to figure out which state El Paso is in. What information about El Paso do you learn about from this front page?What other observations, reflections or questions … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Serbia

Serbia primary source set World Digital LibrarySerbia mapsSerbian image setШто се боре мисли моје (Serbian song recording)Foreign Affairs oral histories mentioning SerbiaHistoric U.S. newspaper coverage of Serbia (through 1922)U.S. legislation related to SerbiaGuide to Law Online: SerbiaCountry Study: Former Yugoslavia … [Read more...]