June 16, 2019

Primary Source Spotlight: Woman Suffrage

PSN curated primary source collections Featured Sources The Awakening Official Program Woman Suffrage Procession Today in History Seneca Falls Convention Jane Addams Susan B. Anthony Carrie S. Burnham Lucretia Mott Alice Paul Elizabeth Cady Stanton Mary Church Terrell Picketing for Suffrage Congress Approves 19th Amendment Primary source collections Collection Spotlight: Women’s Suffrage in Sheet Music By Popular Demand: “Votes … [Read more...]

Primary Source Learning: Women’s Road to the Vote

Don't miss these great woman suffrage teaching resources using Library of Congress primary sources! Woman suffrage source set & teaching guide Lesson plans Learning from the Source: Tactics in the March to Suffrage Literature Links: Predicting & Inferring about Woman Suffrage Primary Source Investigation: Hazel Hunkins, Billings Suffragist Primary Source Investigation: Suffrage Suffragists and Their Tactics Teaching Now: Going Gaga Over Suffrage Teaching Now: … [Read more...]