September 14, 2022

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News Library 2022 Literacy Award Winners and Honorees Librarian of Congress Dr. Carla Hayden has selected 3 top winners and 12 Successful Practices Honorees for this year. Read all about it! Jason Reynolds: He's Back!  Find out what he did this summer and his plans for the school year in the September 2022 Grab the Mic Newsletter. | Read TPS Consortium Reigniting Purpose with Primary Sources: Healing and Thriving for Educators DePaul University’s Office of Innovative … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Hispanic Heritage

World Spotlight source sets Argentina Brazil Chile Cuba Guantánamo Bay Guatemala Dominican Republic Guatemala Mexico Nicaragua Panama Peru Puerto Rico Venezuela Today in History source sets New Mexico Christopher Columbus Columbus Day The Gadsden Purchase José Manuel Gallegos El Grito de Dolores – Mexican Independence Day Gabriela Mistral Mexican American War Mexican Americans & United Farm Workers of America Juan … [Read more...]

Today in History: Federal Patent for Steamboat Awarded

Today in History–August 26–the Library of Congress features the awarding of a federal patent for the steamboat on this day in 1791 to two (!) men—John Fitch and James Rumsey—each who had devised different systems. Find out whose sketch of what is featured above and uncover more fascinating facts by visiting the Today in History section. Then, if you haven't run out of steam, check out this large collection of primary sources related to Fitch, Rumsey, and the steamboat. Fitch & Rumsey … [Read more...]