October 16, 2018

Primary Source Spotlight: A. Philip Randolph

Leading the procession from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln MemorialMore A. Philip Randolph imagesA. Philip Randolph historical newspaper coverage The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters A. Philip Randolph letter to NAACP Secretary Walter White March 18, 1941The Negro in National Defense 1941 posterWhy Should We March? 1941 flyerExecutive Order 8802: Prohibition of Discrimination in the Defense Industry 1941 Our DocumentsNAACP joined union organizer A. Philip … [Read more...]

NHD 2015: Leadership & Legacy Topic Ideas – The 1800s

Every year National History Day puts together a list of sample topic ideas. TPS-Barat went through that list and selected a subset of those topic ideas to create curated collections highlighting Library of Congress resources. All topic ideas are related to the 2015 NHD theme: Leadership & Legacy in History but the set below focuses on themes related to the 1800s. Links to more NHD follow this resource list.The Bloodless Revolution of 1800: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the Legacy of … [Read more...]