November 21, 2022

Presidential Spotlight: Chester A. Arthur

Chester Alan Arthur Papers The death of President Garfield--Judge Brady administering the Presidential oath to Vice-President Arthur Chester A. Arthur images & political cartoons Chester Arthur Papers webcast Chester A. Arthur books & other texts Topics in Chronicling America - Presidential Administrations: Chester A. Arthur (1881-1886) More historical newspaper coverage for President Arthur "Chester Alan Arthur" The Bay State Monthly Volume 1, Issue 5, May, … [Read more...]

Today in History: Battle of Chattanooga

Today in History–November 23–the Library of Congress features the Battle of Chattanooga, which commenced on this day in 1863. During this three-day Civil War battle, Union forces drove Confederate troops into Georgia, setting the stage for Union General William T. Sherman's triumphant march to the sea a year later. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access related primary sources. Battle of Chattanooga images Battle of Chattanooga … [Read more...]