October 23, 2018

World Spotlight: Italy

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World Spotlight: Israel

Places in the News: IsraelJanuary 2006 July 2006 May 2008 May 2011 Lebanon / Israel : February 2005 Lebanon / Israel : August 2006 Syria/Israel: January 2000 Syria/Israel: October 2000Israel country studyIsrael country profile BBCIsrael timeline BBCIsrael primary source set World Digital LibraryIsrael mapsThe children of IsraelEgypt Israel peace treatyIsrael image setIsrael sheet musicIsrael song recordingsU.S. veteran oral … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Greece

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World Spotlight: France

Country Profile: FranceCreating French Culture: Treasures from the Bibliothèque nationale de France online exhibitionFrance in America bilingual digital library siteFrance Allied with American Colonies February 6, 1778 from America's LibraryFrance primary source set World Digital LibraryFrance mapsFrance image setFrench image setFilms related to FranceFrance mentions in the Foreign Affairs Oral History CollectionFrench American life … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Spain

Spain country studyParallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier bilingual digital library siteSpain primary source set World Digital LibrarySpain mapsSpain image setSpanish image setTorcuato Zamora: Flamenco Guitar with Dancers from Furia Flamenco streaming webcastFilmsProcession at Séville and bullfighting scenes Dogs used as smugglers On the coast of the Bay of Biscay, FranceSpain mentions in the Foreign Affairs Oral History … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Vietnam

Vietnam country profileVietnam country studyVietnam primary source set World Digital LibraryVietnam mapsVietnam imagesGroup of children, with baskets, posed under palm tree, Saigon Group of ten workers posed by palm trees, Saigon Two women posed, seated, Saigon Mandarin, full length, seated, facing front, Saigon Elderly man watching two young boys Street in Saigon Municipal theatre and stand for "malabars," the oriental hansom cab Bridge over branch of … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Cambodia

Cambodia primary source set World Digital LibraryCambodia mapsForeign Affairs oral histories mentioning CambodiaHistoric U.S. newspaper coverage of Cambodia (through 1922)"A Cambodian Ceremony" Scribners Monthly, an illustrated magazine for the people Volume 9, Issue 1, November 1874"The Cambodian House" Manufacturer and Builder Volume 19, Issue 5, May 1887Journey to Freedom: The Boat People Retrospective 2009 webcastU.S. legislation related to CambodiaGuide to … [Read more...]

Today in History: Jamaica

Today in History–May 3–the Library of Congress features the island of Jamaica, first spotted by Christopher Columbus on this day in 1494. This Caribbean nation won its independence from Great Britain in 1962 but is still a member of the British commonwealth. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access more resources related to Jamaica.Country Study: Commonwealth of Caribbean Islands, including JamaicaJamaica profile BBCJamaica timeline … [Read more...]