November 18, 2018

NHD 2015: Leadership & Legacy Topic Ideas – World War II & Beyond

Every year National History Day puts together a list of sample topic ideas. TPS-Barat went through that list and selected a subset of those topic ideas to create curated collections highlighting Library of Congress resources. All topic ideas are related to the 2015 NHD theme: Leadership & Legacy in History but the set below focuses on themes related to the 1930s and beyond. Links to more NHD follow this resource list.The Veterans Administration: Leading the Fight for Veterans Rights … [Read more...]

World Spotlight: Finland

Finland country studyFinland country profile BBCFinland timeline BBCFinland primary source set from the World Digital LibraryFinland mapsFinland image setThe Finns in AmericaArticle: Finnish American SongFinnish song recordingsFinland sheet musicConversation: [Finnish composer] Olli Kotekangas & Norman Scribner streaming webcastU.S. veteran oral histories (service in Finland)Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection interviews mentioning … [Read more...]