November 20, 2022

Learning from the Source: Print Advertising Across the Centuries

Overview Advertisements showcase products and the latest technology while reflecting life and society as we know it, or wish it to be. This project encourages students to use their natural curiosity about the similarities between the past, present, and future to analyze and compare and contrast historical, contemporary, and hypothetical print advertisements of the future.* To complete this project, students will . . . learn about advertising persuasion techniques. analyze a … [Read more...]

Featured Source: Aurora Borie Alice

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Primary Source Learning: Sheet Music Collections & Teaching Resources

The Library of Congress has numerous collections of sheet music. America Singing: Nineteenth Century Song Sheets | Resources for Teachers Baseball Sheet Music | Teaching Resources Civil War Sheet Music Collection Early American Sheet Music Historic Sheet Music Collection, 1800-1922 Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, 1820 - 1860 | Teaching Resources Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, ca. 1870-1885 | Teaching Resources We'll Sing To Abe Our Song: Sheet … [Read more...]