November 21, 2022

Analyzing Primary Sources: Learning from Music

Music can trigger powerful emotions and brain research has shown the strong link between emotion and memory. Songs and sheet music, also referred to as musical scores, are great primary sources to use with students to enable them tap into the feelings and emotions surrounding historical events and figures. Analyzing recorded songs and sheet music, which often include evocative cover illustrations, can help students better understand the historical context of these people and events and more … [Read more...]

Connecting to the Common Core: Analyzing Primary Source Images

Although image analysis activities do not generally require reading (apart from reading bits of text found in an image), the skills required to extract information from visual content are similar to those required to extract information from text. Practicing these skills using primary source images provides students with a great scaffolded learning opportunity. The table below shows how the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Reading Anchor Standards map to primary source image analysis … [Read more...]