February 2, 2023

World Spotlight: Macau

Formerly a Portuguese Colony, since December 20, 1999, Macau has been recognized as a special administrative region under Chinese sovereignty. Macau maps Macau: A Selection of Cartographic Images Macau images Modern U.S. legislation mentioning Macau Guide to Law Online: Macau Macau profile BBC Macao maps Macao images Modern U.S. legislation mentioning Macao Macao 1920 British Foreign Office Handbook Macao before and after 12/20/1999 Library of Congress Law … [Read more...]

Literature Links: Book Kits

Book Kits pair books with primary sources using engaging activities to help students in grades K-8 connect to literature. They are free to use for educational, non-profit use. Access the Book Kits today! … [Read more...]

Collections Spotlight: Tornadoes

Tornado images Tornado scenes in St. Louis 1896 Insurance map illustrating scope of damage by tornado in Gainesville, Georgia Tornado sheet music U.S. historical newspaper coverage related to tornadoes Books America's Greatest Flood and Tornado Calamity c. 1913 The Great Tornado of 1821 in New Hampshire A Modern Herculaneum: Story of the New Richmond Tornado (1899) Pictured Story of the Tornado St. Louis, May 27, 1896 Omaha Tornado-Album images + text in German c. … [Read more...]

Library Spotlight: Winter 2023 Literacy Events, Applications & Awards

Literary and literacy lovers have a lot to get excited about during the next several weeks thanks to the Library of Congress. National Ambassador for Young People's Literature Read this interview with the eighth National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, Meg Medina, then watch a recording of her January 24 inauguration. Then, to learn more about Meg Medina and her role as the 2023-2024 National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, please visit the ambassador announcement, … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Flint Sit-Down Strike

Labor strategists confer with heads image Jan. 12, 1937 Head of U.A.W. (United Auto Workers) Women’s Auxiliary kitchen set up in a restaurant image Jan.-Feb., 1937 More Flint strike photos Flint factory video Flint sit down 1936-37 historical newspaper coverage Flint strike 1936-37 historical newspaper coverage The Flint, Michigan, Sit-Down Strike resource guide Flint Sit-Down Strike (1936-1937) background & video, Social Welfare History Project Flint Sit-Down Strike … [Read more...]

Latest News, Events, Opportunities, Resources & PD from the Library & TPS Consortium

News Grab the Mic One Last Time You won't want to miss the final guest post on the Teaching with the Library of Congress blog by Jason Reynolds, who is wrapping up his third term as the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. | Read: Five Ways to Say Goodbye Join In: Voluntary Associations in America This new exhibition at the Library explores America’s history as a “nation of joiners” and the long tradition of volunteering for a wide range of groups and causes. It … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House images Correspondence, memos & other texts related to the Speaker of the House Books and more texts related to the Speaker of the House U.S. legislation related to the Speaker of the House Historical newspaper articles mentioning the Speaker of the House At Valley Forge 1918 speech by Champ Clark, U.S. Representative from Missouri and Speaker of House U.S. House of Representatives History Art, & Archives resources Speakers of the House by … [Read more...]

Collections Spotlight: Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Mary Ann Shadd Cary House 116 HR 5972 IH: Mary Ann Shadd Cary Post Office Dedication Act Break Every Yoke and Let the Oppressed Go Free speech by Mary Ann Shadd Cary, April 6, 1858 Black Past Colored Schools: Second District National Republican (Washington City (D.C.) 06 Sept. 1875 Officers of the N.W.S.A. for 1877 and '78 The New Northwest (Portland, Or.) 11 Jan. 1878 Triolene or Diptheria Cure and Cattarh Relief The Virginia Star (Richmond, Va.) 11 May 1878 The Provincial … [Read more...]

Looking Back: Top Content of 2022

This past year might not have been as easy as we would have wished, but at least there was some sense of normalcy as well as some bright spots. More educators and students discovered and visited the Primary Source Nexus than the year before so we're glad that highlighting great content from the Library of Congress and Teaching with Primary Sources Consortium member as well as strategies and ideas for teaching with primary sources continues to be helpful. In 2022 we continued our partnership … [Read more...]

City Spotlight: St. Louis

Pictorial St. Louis, a topographical survey Pictorial St. Louis – The Great Metropolis of the Mississippi Valley Teaching with the Library of Congress More St. Louis maps St. Louis images St. Louis films Sheet music related to St. Louis Veteran oral histories with service in St. Louis, Missouri The St. Louis Republic 01-01-1900 - 01-02-1906 Pictorial Guide to St. Louis More books & other texts related to St. Louis Related resources Today in History: … [Read more...]