Guided Primary Source Analysis: La Réunion

Look very closely at this source. What can you learn about it solely by carefully examining the objects and text labels? Explain what you think each clue you identify means.

Now do some research, which you will share with the class. Review the source record and make a list of the information that you gather from it. Then use the information you gathered to research further on the internet. Conduct 3 searches, making note of the following for each search.

  • Exact keywords used
  • List the best two results you found (URL, page title, website name, website creator/publisher). Remember, the best two results are not necessarily the first two results that appear in the search results.
  • Include a short summary of the information that you found and a brief notation stating if this information corroborates (supports) or contradicts (goes against) the information you uncovered in your analysis of the primary source and the source record.

Now, summarize what you learned about analyzing primary sources and conducting research and reflect on what you might do differently in the future. Then list the steps you would take to update this source to represent the place today.