Primary Source Spotlight: Victoria Woodhull

Illustration of Victoria Woodhull addressing Congress in 1871

Victoria Woodhull was a woman suffrage and labor reform activist and the first female candidate for U.S. President. She ran on the Equal Right’s Party ticket in 1872 with Frederick Douglass as the Vice Presidential candidate, running against Republican president Ulysses S. Grant and Democratic candidate Horace Greeley.

Victoria Woodhull historical newspaper coverage

The Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives receiving a deputation of female suffragists illustration

And The Truth Shall Make You Free a speech on the principles of social freedom, delivered in Steinway Hall, Nov. 20, 1871

“Get thee behind me, (Mrs.) Satan!” political cartoon

Testimony in the great Beecher-Tilton scandal case illustrated

The Great Secession Speech of Victoria C. Woodhull Before the National Woman’s Suffrage Convention 1871

A History of the Work of the Winter of 1871, with Memorial of Mrs. V. C. Woodhull

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