January 17, 2023

Primary Source Spotlight: Flint Sit-Down Strike

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Sitdown strikers in the Fisher body plant

Labor strategists confer with heads image Jan. 12, 1937

Head of U.A.W. (United Auto Workers) Women’s Auxiliary kitchen set up in a restaurant image Jan.-Feb., 1937

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Flint factory video

Flint sit down 1936-37 historical newspaper coverage

Flint strike 1936-37 historical newspaper coverage

The Flint, Michigan, Sit-Down Strike resource guide

Flint Sit-Down Strike (1936-1937) background & video, Social Welfare History Project

Flint Sit-Down Strike Audio Gallery Michigan State University

Remembering the Flint Sit-Down Strike (1936-1937) background and oral histories, Michigan State University

Sit-down strike of 1936-1937 Local Legacies

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