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Marker denoting Mary Ann Shadd Cary Residence

Mary Ann Shadd Cary House

116 HR 5972 IH: Mary Ann Shadd Cary Post Office Dedication Act

Break Every Yoke and Let the Oppressed Go Free speech by Mary Ann Shadd Cary, April 6, 1858 Black Past

Colored Schools: Second District National Republican (Washington City (D.C.) 06 Sept. 1875

Officers of the N.W.S.A. for 1877 and ’78 The New Northwest (Portland, Or.) 11 Jan. 1878

Triolene or Diptheria Cure and Cattarh Relief The Virginia Star (Richmond, Va.) 11 May 1878

The Provincial Freeman issues Our Ontario

Mary Ann Shadd Cary primary source set Black Women’s Suffrage Digital Public Library of America

The Provincial Freeman Ontario Black History

Mary Ann Shadd Cary: Lawyer, Educator, Suffragist Library of Congress Blog

Mary Ann Shadd Cary National Park Service

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