November 18, 2022

Primary Source Spotlight: Ida Tarbell & Standard Oil

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Ida Tarbell

Ida Tarbell image set

The crusaders 1906 political cartoon

Books by Ida Tarbell

Anna E. Dickinson letters to Ida Tarbell

The Documents of Ida M. Tarbell Allegheny College

Standard Oil’s Monopoly: Topics in Chronicling America select newspaper articles & timeline

What’s Wrong with America & Big Business? Ida Tarbell Answers Both Questions The Washington Herald (Washington, D.C.), 26 Nov. 1911

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Ida Tarbell, The History of Standard Oil primary sources & curator note

Standard Oil, Tariffs, and Ida Tarbell Inside Adams blog

The Woman Who Took on the Tycoon Smithsonian Magazine

Standard Oil primary sources 1870-1912

John D. Rockefeller primary sources 1870-1912

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