Primary Source Spotlight: Smallpox & Inoculation

The cowpox tragedy

1721 proclamation mentioning small pox

The Fight Over Inoculation During the 1721 Boston Smallpox Epidemic Science in the News, Harvard University

An historical account of the small-pox inoculated in New-England 1726 Internet Archive

George Washington Papers, Series 4, General Correspondence: Massachusetts House of Representatives, October 5, 1775, Smallpox Resolution

George Washington letter to Martha Washington urging inoculation June 24, 1776

George Washington and the First Mass Military Inoculation 1777

Smallpox, Inoculation, and the Revolutionary War National Park Service

U.S. historical newspaper articles mentioning smallpox and inoculation 1789-1799

More 18th-century newspaper articles mentioning small-pox

18th-century newspaper articles mentioning inoculation

Practical observations on vaccination, or, Inoculation for the cow-pock 1802

Smallpox primary sources 1790-1819

Cowpox primary sources 1790-1819

Smallpox: inoculation and vaccination Science Museum’s History of Medicine

Edward Jenner and the history of smallpox and vaccination National Library of Medicine

Thomas Jefferson to G. C. Edward Jenner, May 14, 1806

The Smallpox Story: Life and Death of an Old Disease Abbas M. Behbehani Microbiological Reviews, Dec. 1983, p. 455-509