Primary Source Spotlight: U.S. Military Conscription (the Draft)

Avoid Conscription

The Draft Riots of 1863 : A Historical Study Read at the Meeting of the Ohio Commandery

Civil War draft riots

Civil War induction officer with lottery box photograph

Civil War Conscription Laws In Custodia Legis November 15, 2012

Freemen! Avoid Conscription! 1862 broadside

Abraham’s draft, 600,000 more 1862 sheet music

Southern “volunteers” 1862 political cartoon

The Conscription Bill speech of Hon. S.S. Cox, of Ohio delivered on February 26, 1863

Abraham Lincoln correspondence related to the draft

By the President of the United States of America May 8, 1863

Letter from Abraham Lincoln announcing the draft of 1,968 from New Hampshire July 3, 1863

The Draft, or Conscription Reviewed by the People 1863

The Conscription 1863 William A. Gladstone Afro-American Military Collection

The Conscription Act Vindicated 1863

Johnny Fill Up the Bowl 1864 sheet music

An Act further to regulate and provide for the enrolling and calling out the National Forces, and for other Purposes. July 4, 1864

State of Missouri. Proclamation by his Excellency, Willard P. Hall, Governor of the State of Missouri

General orders no. 22 February 17, 1865 Math possibilities with this one

Runaways and skulkers. A letter to congressman. Amendments to the conscription law … Jan 28, 1865

The War in America: The Conscription in New York 1865 illustration

Draft resistance historical newspaper coverage

World War I: Conscription Laws Library of Congress Blog September 13, 2016

Conscription 1917 editorial cartoon

Joint Resolution Providing for the calling into military service of certain classes of persons registered and liable for military service under the terms of (Pub. Rcs. No. 29. the Act of Congress approved May 18, 1917, entitled “An Act to authorize the President to increase temporarily the Military Establishment of the United States

Joint Resolution Providing for the registration for military service of all [ J. Res.124.] male persons citizens of the United States and all male persons residing in the United [Pub. Res.,No. 30.1 States who have, since the fifth day of June, 1917, and on or before the day set for the registration by proclamation by the President, attained the age of twenty-one years May 20, 1918

An Act Amending the Act entitled “An Act to authorize the President to increase temporarily the Military Establishment of the United States” August 31, 1918

Joint Resolution Authorizing the readmission to the United States of certain aliens who have been conscripted or have volunteered for service with the military forces of the United States October 19, 1918

The history of military conscription, with especial reference to the United States 1923

Draft registration image set

In the name and by authority of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor’s office, proclamation, Pennsylvania is soon to participate in a profoundly solemn and historic departure from precedent 1940

Delegates of N.Y. Youth Congress present petition at White House opposing compulsory conscription June 20, 1940 image

Dear Mr. President,” Minneapolis, Minnesota audio recording January or February 1942

Draft lottery image set

J.Res.55 – 93rd Congress (1973-1974): A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States with respect to the conscription of persons for service in the military forces

More legislation related to the draft