Primary Source Spotlight: Narragansett

The Women’s Dance at the Narragansett Fall Festival, 1979

Narragansett Indian Fall Festival image set

Indian Rock, Narragansett image set

Image set: masonry work and belt buckle creation by Narragansett

Narragansett oral history audio recordings

Letter related to Narragansett history project

Narragansett mentions in A report to the Secretary of War of the United States, on Indian affairs, comprising a narrative of a tour performed in the summer of 1820

The early history of Narragansett; with an appendix of original documents 1835

Mention of Narragansett from Mrs. Rowlandson’s Captivity in Indian Captivities 1850

Grammatical Studies in the Narragansett Language Massachusett-Narragansett Revival Program 2009

An act to abolish the tribal authority of the Narragansett tribe of Indians, and for other purposes 1866

Rhode Island Indian Claims Settlement Act 95th Congress

Narragansett Justice Act 105th & 106th Congresses

Narragansett Ballads with Songs and Lyrics 1894

American Indian Sure of Place as Olympic Marathoner The Waterbury Democrat (Waterbury, Conn.), 21 April 1936

More historical U.S. newspaper articles mentioning Narragansett Indians

Narragansett History Rhode Island Historical Society

Local Legacy: Narragansett Indian Tribe America’s Library

The Narragansett People in the Rhode Island Folklife Project Folklife Today November 4, 2020

Narragansett Indian Tribe sees return of land marking the Great Swamp Massacre The Providence Journal October 27, 2021

Narragansett Indian Tribe website

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