Collections Spotlight: Landscape Photographs

Some of the stunning red rocks for which Sedona, in nothern Arizona, is famous

The Picture This blog from the Library of Congress shines a spotlight on landscape photographs. Micah Messenheimer, Curator of Photography, and a photographer himself, writes:

When many people think of landscape photographs they think of wide-open spaces, empty of people. Yet, landscape photographs, by their nature, tell stories deeply tied to human interactions with the land. This is implied even in the origins of the word “landscape,” which at its root means the shape or condition of the earth. Each photograph documents a moment in time, one that now allows us to take a second look at a place and see how it has changed.

Read the rest of his post, Landscape Photographs: Shaping Our Impressions of the Earth, then click the links below to explore thousands of landscape photographs and more related resources.

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