Guided Primary Source Analysis: Teamwork, Community, Culture

Latino soccer, Chicago, Illinois
This guided primary source analysis is based on an image and associated questions shared in the Creating Communities and Building Collections One Conversation at a Time Folklife Today blog post from October 1, 2020

Look closely at the photo. What do you see? Do any of these items look familiar? What does this image make you think about or feel? What questions do you have?

How has teamwork been a part of your life? Reflect on how being part of a team or group has helped shape your identity. Describe the culture and community of the team or group and the impact it has had on you.

There are three games of soccer being played in the image above, as well as a “paletero” selling Mexican style popsicles. Take a look at the series of photos linked to below and consider how community can happen in public spaces, between friends, family, and neighbors. Then watch the Palatero Man music video by the Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. What connections can you make between the Latino culture celebrated in the photos and the song and community gatherings that you have experienced?

What other observations, reflections or questions do these sources inspire? Let us know!

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