C.A.R.E. Listening & Learning for Educators

In times of darkness, teachers always rise up. But now, this time comes on top of a pandemic and as teachers are exhausted and empty. The topics are big – social justice, institutional racism, and nonviolent and violent protest. The events of the past days have made these issues impossible to ignore, in much the same way that the limits of online learning have thrust systemic educational inequity to the forefront.

Now more the ever, teachers again are called to be the ones who can transform this country – to become agents of change and equity.

  • How do we do this?
  • How do we summon the resiliency, the compassion, the insight, and the strategies to do what is needed?
  • What exactly is needed?
  • How do we manage our own fear, sorrow, confusion, anger, and pain AND teach and support students?

We come together. Access the resources and strategies shared by Citizen U, Our American Voice, and DePaul University during a unique webinar of listening, learning, and growing together as teachers and change agents.

Strategies & Resources