Literature Links: Esperanza Rising

Cantaloupe workers

This lesson is available through Emerging America, a TPS Consortium partner from Massachusetts and was created by Elena T. Danek. Access the full lesson plan by clicking the link below.

Historical Fiction: Setting Study through Primary Sources of the Novel Esperanza Rising

This two-day lesson is based on students acquiring a better understanding of the effects the Great Depression had on migrant workers and their children as portrayed in the novel: Esperanza Rising. The use of photographs, as primary sources, will support understanding of this time period, as well as provoking oral discussion among English Language Learner students. As a summative assessment, students are asked to write a paragraph explaining their increased understanding of the time period through the use of primary source documents. Woven throughout the lesson are modifications to assist and benefit all students. Also included in the lesson is a Universal Design for Learning Chart and extensive role and differentiation recommendations for special education staff.

Grade Level: ​Grade 5 ELL
Subject Area Focus: ​Reading connected with Social Studies
Course: ​ELA Unit 2: Historical Fiction Novel Study
Unit this lesson is part of: ​Analysis of Esperanza Rising, historical fiction novel
Estimated Number of Days to Complete: ​2

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