Today in History: Jefferson Davis Captured

The chas-ed "old lady" of the C.S.A.

Today in History–May 10–the Library of Congress features the capture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis by Union troops on this day in 1865. The capture thwarted Davis’ plan to escape by sea from the east coast of Florida and then to sail to Texas where he hoped to establish a new Confederacy. He was sent, along with his family, to Fort Monroe in Virginia. There he was placed in solitary confinement and indicted for treason but was never tried. Davis was released two years later, in May 1867. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to gain additional perspectives from primary sources and more.

Jefferson Davis Was Captured from America’s Library

Flight of President Jefferson Davis and his ministers over the Georgia Ridge, five days before his capture

Illustrations/political cartoons

Varina Davis to Montgomery Blair describing the capture of her husband, Jefferson Davis 6 June 1865

The First Wisconsin Cavalry at the capture of Jefferson Davis

The capture of Jefferson Davis and what I know of it

Jefferson Davis capture 1865 historical newspaper coverage

Jefferson Davis surrender 1865 historical newspaper coverage

Jefferson Davis Fort Monroe historical newspaper coverage 1865-67

Casement [i.e. casemate] where Jefferson Davis was imprisoned, Fort Monroe, Va.

Jefferson Davis’ cell at Fort Monroe

The last ditch polka d’accacia sheet music cover celebrating Confederate president Jefferson Davis’ confinement at Fort Monroe

Today in History: Jefferson Davis