Today in History: Halifax Explosion

Halifax Explosion

Today in History–December 6–TPS-Barat features the Halifax explosion, which occurred on this day in 1917. The largest man-made explosion in history, killed nearly 2,000, injured around 9,000, and left approximately 6,000 people homeless. It’s a story of local devastation but also of multinational cooperation. Click the primary sources and other resources below to learn more.

Halifax explosion image set

Report on the explosion 7th December, 1917 Canadian War Museum

Report of the Halifax Relief Expedition December 6 to 15, 1917 by Hon. A. C. Ratshesky, commissioner-in-charge, to Samuel Walker McCall, governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Halifax explosion front-page U.S. newspaper coverage 1917

More Halifax explosion U.S. historical newspaper coverage 1917-1918

The Halifax Explosion at 100 CBC

1917 Halifax Explosion (primary sources) Nova Scotia Archives

Think Like a Historian: Halifax Explosion in Letters Historica Canada video via YouTube

Think Like a Historian: Halifax Explosion in Sketches Historica Canada video via YouTube