Guided Primary Source Analysis: Microcosm

Microcosm detail

The image above is small part of an illustration. Look carefully and make a hypothesis about the topic or theme of the larger illustration. Point to specific details that led you to this hypothesis.

Next, zoom into a larger section of the same illustration. What additional details do you see? Refine or rewrite your hypothesis about the topic or theme of the larger illustration based on these new details.

Now look at the full illustration. What new details do you see? What does this image make you think about? How does the image make you feel. Describe what you think was the author’s purpose in creating this illustration based on your analysis of the source. Then note any questions that you have. Finally, look at the bibliographic record. Edit your description about the topic or theme of the illustration based on this new information.

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!

Resource for further investigation.