Guided Primary Source Analysis: Europe Is Getting Hot

Europe is getting hot!

Zoom into this political cartoon (.pdf). Fill out a primary source analysis tool to help you look deeply at this source and discover what information it was attempting to convey.

In your analysis, did you recognize any of the people? Read the curator note to find out the names of the people the creator depicted in this political cartoon. Then choose one person to research to find out more about his role in World War II. Summarize your findings in a paragraph.

Review the primary source analysis you completed for this political cartoon. First, learn a little about the creator. Now read the summary provided in the cartoon’s bibliographic record. Did your reading help answer any of your questions from the original primary source analysis? What more did you learn? Summarize your new learning in a paragraph. Then record any further questions that you have.

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!