September 22, 2019

Primary Source Spotlight: Sioux (Dakota) & Sitting Bull

Sioux delegation

Sioux images

Dakota images

Sioux ghost dance (film)

Mary Louise Defender Wilson and Keith Bear: Sioux and Mandan Hidatsa storytelling and music from North Dakota streaming webcast

Oral history interviews mentioning Sioux indians

Indian fanfares: The Camanche revel, The Sioux gaillarde, The Manitou air dance

Poems from Sioux and Chippewa songs

Books related to the Sioux

Texts related to the Dakota and the Sioux

Sioux indian historic newspaper coverage

Dakota indian historic newspaper coverage

Sitting Bull historic newspaper coverage

Sitting Bull primary source set

Today in History: Custer’s Last Stand

Learning from the Source: Comparing Reports of the Battle of Little Bighorn

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