Guided Primary Source Analysis: Election Day

Election Day

Read the lyrics to the song shown above, written by Sylvia Fine. What is the main message of the song? What is the tone of the song? Which words help set the tone? How does the tone influence the feeling you get from this song?

Now compare these song lyrics to a draft of the lyrics (.pdf document). In what ways did the song change? For example, were the changes more about the overall content (i.e., the song’s message) or more about word choice? Explain which version speaks to you more powerfully and why.

Write your own lyrics to a short Election Day song about a current election. They may represent your personal view or you may write them from the perspective of another person or group. What message do you want to send about the election? Remember to choose your words carefully so that the tone matches the message.

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!

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