July 1, 2020

Primary Source Spotlight: Bats & Vampires

Chiroptera - Fledertiere


Bats: Spooky Superheroes? Folklife Today blog October 27, 2016

Creatures of the Night: Bats Inside Adams blog, October 31, 2012

“Unsuccessful effort to draw bats from the belfry of W.A. White” sketch by Theodore Roosevelt

Bat image set

Bat wildlife reports (California, South Dakota, Utah, United States; Alberta, Canada; New Zealand)


“The press” and “Vampire press” in Three Parts 1889

The Vampires of Onset, Past and Present 1892

The Vampire of the Continent 1916

The Vampire Cat (a play in 1 act) 1918

Miss Todd’s Vampire (a comedy in 1 act)1920

Vampire historic newspaper articles through 1922

Vampire Blues sheet music

The Vampire March and One-step sheet music

More vampire sheet music


Today in History: Halloween

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