Guided Primary Source Analysis: The Woman Whom Justice Brewer Would Make Mayor

The Woman Whom Justice Brewer Would Make Mayor
The Washington times. (Washington [D.C.]), 27 Aug. 1905. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.
Zoom into a more detailed image of this newspaper page but before reading the article, what do you learn about the featured woman and Justice Brewer just from reading the headline and the photo captions? Make a list of as many facts as you can. Then provide an educated guess as to why this was a news story in 1905.

What arguments does the article present in support of Justice Brewer’s support of this woman as mayor of the city of Chicago? List at least three claims and the evidence in support of them that the article provides.

What other story does this article tell? Write an outline of the key ideas the article provides on this topic.

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!

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