Guided Primary Source Analysis: Spinner Play

Spinner Play

Look at the source. What do you see? Describe what is happening in the picture based only on what you see.

Look at the source again. How does this picture make you feel? What does this picture make you think about? Describe your feelings and thoughts and at least one detail or technique the artist, Benton Spruance, used that you think contributed to your personal experience with this piece of art.

The curator note accompanying this lithograph on the Library of Congress website states that the work “owes something to the influence of artist George Bellows, whom the artist admired . . .”. Compare and contrast this work by Spruance with an artwork by George Bellows. Describe the similarities and differences between the two sources. Do you see an influence of George Bellow in this work by Spruance? Explain your reasoning.

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!