Presidential Spotlight: Lyndon B. Johnson

Pres. L.B. Johnson signs the 1968 Civil Rights Bill

Lyndon B. Johnson oath of office Nov. 22, 1963 image and audio file

Lyndon B. Johnson inauguration primary source set Jan. 20, 1965

Vice President Johnson Was Assigned the Task of Unifying the U.S. Satellite Programs Jun. 24, 1961 from America’s Library

Retreat from Armageddon? Khrushchev, Kennedy, Johnson and the Elusive Quest for Peace webcast

Judgment Days: Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Laws That Changed America webcast

Master of the Senate webcast

Lyndon Johnson mentions in the Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection

Rose Garden Apr. 26, 1964 Herb Block political cartoon

LBJ as Caesar Jun. 10, 1966 Herb Block political cartoon

You wanted something modern, didn’t you? Oct. 25, 1966 Herb Block political cartoon

More Lyndon B. Johnson political cartoons by Herb Block

Political cartoonist Jules Feiffer on President Johnson

President Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson superimposed onto publicity still from Bonnie and Clyde

Lady Bird Johnson to Sylvia and Danny Kaye Jan. 30, 1973 letter

Lyndon B. Johnson and Bob Hope photo

Lyndon B. Johnson image set

Legislation related to Lyndon B. Johnson

POTUS: Lyndon Baines Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson Library

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