November 12, 2019

Today in History: Happy Hanukkah

Chanuka - The San Francisco call., December 28, 1902

Today in History–December 15–the Library of Congress features Hanukkah. On this date in 1979 President Jimmy Carter participated in the first National Menorah Lighting. Also known as the Feast or Festival of Lights, Hanukkah reflects the story of a one-day supply of oil at the temple miraculously burning for eight days. Find out more by reviewing the Today in History section, then click the links below for related resources.

Happy Hanukkah from the Poetry and Literature Center

American Hanukkah lamp (image)

Chanuka celebration by the Young Men’s Hebrew Association, 1880 (image)

Chanuka historical newspaper coverage

Chanukah historical newspaper coverage

Hanukkah historical newspaper coverage

David of Modin : a Chanukah play 1903

The enemies of Israel; a Hanukkah fantasy in one act 1917

Chanukah sketch 1921

Happy Chanukah dear son letter from Jennie Bernstein to Leonard Bernstein, 1978

Sophie Maslow and the Chanukah Festivals for Israel In The Muse December 3, 2018

Quick to the Party: Southern Jews and the Americanization of Hanukkah 2007 webcast

Today in History: Touro Synagogue

Jewish-American resources from the Library

World Spotlight: Israel

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