January 19, 2023

Primary Source Spotlight: Astronomy

Last Updated on August 8, 2022

Planisphaerium coeleste : secundum restitutionem Hevelianam et Hallejanam

Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond Library collection

Understanding the Cosmos primary source iBook

Astronomy maps

Astronomy images

Astronomy books and articles

Historical newspaper coverage: astronomy

Astronomy and other “Onomies” sheet music

The old country fiddler on astronomy audio recording

Astronomy webcasts

Everyday Mysteries: Astronomy

U.S. legislation related to astronomy

Astronomy: Selected Internet resources

Women in Astronomy: A Comprehensive Bibliography

Science Subject Guide: Astronomy, Math, Physics

Today in History: Mathematician & Astronomer Benjamin Banneker

Primary Source Spotlight: Solar Eclipse

Astronomy-related guided primary source analysis activities

Science & Technology primary source collections & teaching resources

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