Today in History: Fort Necessity & the French and Indian War

Grape shot found near Fort Necessity

Today in History–June 4–the Library of Congress features Fort Necessity near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. On this date in 1754, the young Colonel George Washington and his troops were hard at work constructing the makeshift stronghold to protect themselves from French aggression. Less than a month later, however, Washington and his troops were surrounded and forced to surrender to French troops on July 3, 1754. This military action marked the beginning of the French and Indian War, during which Great Britain and France fought for control of North America. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access more primary sources related to Fort Necessity & the French and Indian War.

Fort Necessity

Fort Necessity. General view of Fort Necessity site

Colonel Washington 1903 book about Washington and Fort Necessity campaign

Historical newspaper coverage related to Fort Necessity

U.S. legislation related to Fort Necessity National Battlefield

French and Indian War

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