Today in History: Woman’s Rights Conventions

Resolutions from the proceedings of the Woman's Rights Convention

Today in History–May 28–the Library of Congress features the Woman’s Rights Convention, held in Akron, Ohio on this date and May 29 in 1851. Convention topics included common law, education and labor, including wage inequities. Find out more about the early efforts of women’s rights advocates by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access primary sources related to the 1851 convention and those that preceded and followed.

The proceedings of the Woman’s Rights Convention held at Akron, Ohio May 28 and 29, 1851

Woman’s Rights Convention” New-York daily tribune. (New-York [N.Y.]), 03 June 1851

Woman’s rights convention waltz 1853

Ye May session of ye woman’s rights convention 1859 engraving

Women’s rights convention books, articles & other texts

Historical newspaper coverage of woman’s rights conventions

Today in History: Seneca Falls Convention

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