Today in History: Gifford Pinchot

Who'll stand by him?
Today in History–May 13–the Library of Congress features the opening day of the Governors’ Conference on the Conservation of Natural Resources on this day in 1908. President Theodore Roosevelt delivered the stirring opening address but the conference was spearheaded by Chief Forester of the United States Gifford Pinchot. The conference helped put the spotlight on conservationism. Pinchot later went on to become Governor of Pennsylvania. Find out more about this forester and politician by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access primary sources related to Gifford Pinchot.

Conference of Governors Opening Address by President Theodore Roosevelt

Proceedings of a Conference of Governors

1908 historical newspaper coverage of the Conference of Governors

Historical newspaper coverage of Gifford Pinchot

Gifford Pinchot image set

Books by Gifford Pinchot

The man Pinchot; a character sketch of the popular candidate, and answer to Candidate McSparran c 1922

Conservation & Environment resources