Today in History: Washington’s Continental Congress Correspondence

George Washington to Continental Congress, March 24, 1776
Today in History–March 24–the Library of Congress features a letter George Washington wrote to the Continental Congress on this date in 1776, one week after British troops evacuated Boston but remained nearby. In the letter General Washington expressed his surprise and disappointment at the situation and went on to describe the exploits of the British in the area. During the Revolution, Washington maintained frequent correspondence with Congress. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then follow the links below to learn more from the words and deeds of the United States’ founding fathers.

The story of Washington’s March 24, 1776 letter to Continental Congress from America’s Library

Washington’s letter of March 19, 1776 describing the British evacuation

Washington’s letter of March 24, 1776

Continental Congress orders a gold medal for General Washington March 25, 1776

General Washington thanks the Continental Congress in  letter of April 18, 1776

George Washington-Continental Congress correspondence 1775-1784

George Washington general correspondence

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