Guided Primary Source Analysis: European Immigration

Coping with the rising tide of European immigration
United States Central Intelligence Agency. “Coping with the rising tide of European immigration.” 1993?
– Shows legal immigration with arrows scaled to size of population flow.
– Panel title/title at upper left.
– Alternate title at top: The largest migration flows of immigrants into European countries, 1992.
– Includes text, graphs, 6 insets of “East to west migration flows,” and 5 insets of “South to north migration flows.”

According to the map, to which country in Europe are most legal immigrants going? From which countries are they coming? How do you know?

What three steps were many West European countries taking in response to rising immigration numbers in 1992?

What can you find out about current immigration to West European countries?

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!