Today in History: Saint-Mihiel Offensive

Image from The Stars and Stripes (Paris, France), September 27, 1918, Vol. 1 No. 34
Today in History–September 12–the Library of Congress features the Saint-Mihiel offensive, launched in France on this day in 1918. The offensive liberated a strategic area that Germany had held for four years. Just two months later, World War I ended with the signing of the Armistice on November 11, 1918. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access more related primary sources.

St. Mihiel images

Map showing position of German Army geologic stations, St. Mihiel sector

Oral histories of soldiers who were at Saint-Mihiel

The drive of St. Mihiel, “Lest we forget” c1921

Saint-Mihiel historical newspaper coverage

Stars and Stripes September 20, 1918 newspaper

Stars and Stripes September 27, 1918 newspaper

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