Today in History: Montreal

An east view of Montreal, in Canada
Today in History–November 13–the Library of Congress features Montreal, Canada, captured on this day in 1775 by American troops led by General Richard Montgomery. The occupation was short-lived and Montgomery was killed a few weeks later in a failed attempt to capture Quebec. Fighting between the United States and Canada ended with the War of 1812. Visit the Today in History section, then click the links below to learn more about these time periods in history as well as resources about Montreal and Quebec.

General Richard Montgomery Captured Montreal from America’s Library

General Montgomery image set

Extract of a letter from General Montgomery, October 20, 1775

Richard Montgomery to Montreal, Canada, Citizens, November 12, Terms of Surrender (articles of capitulation printed)

The Story of General Richard Montgomery: Tale of the Invasion of Canada

Benedict Arnold, March 10, 1776, Morning Report on Quebec Campaign

Benedict Arnold, March 30, 1776, Morning Report on Quebec Campaign

Benedict Arnold, March 30, 1776, Report on Troop Strength for Quebec Campaign

Continental Army War Council, May 5, 1776, Proceedings at Camp near Quebec, Canada

Port of Quebec, Canada, 1764-73, Tables of Imports, Exports, and Shipping Tonnage

Quebec Canada Commerce Committee to Guy Carleton, 1787

The U. S. Campaign of 1813 to Capture Montreal

Montreal image set

Montreal map references 

Montreal Fire Department on Runners (film)

Montreal books & articles

Quebec image set

Quebec maps

Quebec polka caprice (sheet music)

Quebec books & articles