Guided Primary Source Analysis: Admiral Farragut Enters Mobile Bay

Chart showing the entrance of Rear Admiral Farragut into Mobile Bay 5th of August 1864
Weir, Robert. “Chart showing the entrance of Rear Admiral Farragut into Mobile Bay. 5th of August 1864.” N.Y. Lith. by Hatch & Co. 1864. Notes: Detailed map showing five positions and the tracks of the vessels during the sea battle, obstructions, channels, banks, and shoals. Includes small views of the “Iron-clad Tennessee,” Federal ship colliding with the Ram Tennessee, a vessel sailing past what appears to be Mobile Point, and a general view of the battle. Inset: Diagram showing points of collision of different vessels upon the Ram.

Zoom into this map (online | .pdf) and use the primary source analysis tool (digital | paper) to analyze this source.

Read “Damn the Torpedoes!” from the New York Times Disunion series, then take another look at this map. Explain new insights into this map that you gained.

Analyze another primary source related to the 1864 Battle of Fort Morgan in Mobile Bay. Explain new insights that you now have into this military event.

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!