Today in History: Good Housekeeping Debuts

Title page: The Good housekeeping hostess
Today in History–May 2–the Library of Congress features the debut of Good Housekeeping on this date in 1885. This popular women’s magazine offered information about running a home and also provided opportunities for reader input (hey, it’s social media 19th-century style). Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to delve into some fascinating primary sources.

Good Housekeeping Magazine Debuts from America’s Library

Good Housekeeping image set

Good Housekeeping magazine historical newspaper coverage

Good Housekeeping historical newspaper advertisements and mentions

Good Housekeeping : selected issue from 1926

The Good Housekeeping hostess 1904 book

The pure food cook book, the Good housekeeping recipes 1914 book

Home Economics and the Scientific Management of the Household

Harvey Wiley Letter to President Coolidge on Enforcement of the Pure Food and Drug Laws to Protect Consumers

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